A Special Surprise for a Special Couple

Resident Brenda Punch and her husband Ron have been married 53 years. They never spent a Valentine’s Day apart until COVID. Last year the two love birds “celebrated” Valentine’s Day through a window. The love Brenda and Ron have for one another really shines and inspires the heath care team. This year, those who work closely with Brenda had the idea to do something special for the couple. When he entered Brenda’s room today, he found it decorated – balloons, lots of balloons in many colors and sizes, cupids, and hearts, and stuffed bears. Lots of Valentines (and love) in one room. The Carolina Moonlighters, a barber shop quartet, serenaded them. This sweet couple was happy to finally hold hands once again on Valentine’s Day.

This beautiful moment was made possible through our Grant a Dream™ program (funded through the EveryAge Foundation) and many incredible team members.

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